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Episodes 8 + 9: Blog

Over the last two podcasts we have covered conspiracies and the paranormal, both topics of which I am extremely skeptical, but also have incredible interest. These are subjects dealing with the unknown, and how we as humans fill that void of the unknown with theories of explanation. Some theories are far fetched to say the least, and they are an attempt to explain what has no explanation or the given explanation is not acceptable or feels incomplete.

Curiosity is part of human nature and I love a good mystery, which is why I think these stories attract so much attention. People also want to believe in something, they have a desire for there to be more to life than what is on the surface. This is why shows like The X-Files were on for nine seasons, and people were so into LOST, or Stephen King books or a plethora of other books, shows, and movies for that matter. A good “hook” in a story will capture the viewers attention and if woven in with enough believable situations it has the potential to thoroughly entertain and open the imagination. Entertainment can be a wonderful distraction, but what about real life? How does this relate to the real world and how we perceive it?

How about we treat the conspiracy theories and ghost stories they way we do good entertainment? Enjoy them for their imaginative qualities and let them provoke thoughts and discussions and have discourse about them with our peers, and yet keep an open mind and ask questions and think critically about these tales. That hint of doubt, no matter how small, is what keeps us interested, but I don’t think we should perpetuate myths when they have run their course and have no evidence.

My advice is to not believe everything you hear, but don’t automatically dis-believe it either.

Episode 7: Blog

This series of Podcasts on the future has been challenging and yet very exciting and has opened my imagination. The concept of the Singularity brings up some interesting notions and comes across as crazy, scary, or impossible to many people. From the outset of this Podcast, blog, and whatever else this evolves into, I want our outlook to be an optimistic one, so it is my goal to see the future in the most positive light.

There is danger and the potential for evil or misuse in almost everything, such as in the early days of mankind, I’m sure there were those that thought fire was a evil and deadly technology. Fire certainly has the potential to be used for evil, but it also provides warmth, light, and has a million positive uses. In the same vein, modern and futuristic technologies could be used for destructive, nefarious purposes, but the key now is what it has always been, to pay attention and research and learn how technology works and do not operate out of fear.

Google has famously stated that their motto or slogan is “Don’t be evil”, an they have certainly been questioned and should continue to be questioned on their the ethics of their methods and technologies, but I like that they acknowledge how the data they gather and technology they posses is powerful and could do great harm if improperly used.

Artificial intelligence, quantum computers, digital clones, and merging of organic life into mechanical and digital beings, can be frightening and has certainly been fodder for many science fiction stories, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Caution is of course necessary, but we should also step into the future with boldness and optimism. We should take care that we don’t get burned, but not let the fear of being burned prevent us from exploring and pushing towards new and amazing things.